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Gajanan Choudhary

Mr. Choudhary is a perspicacious leader and educator with 12-year experience of teaching law, supervising staff, securing resources, administrating, transforming organization culture and implementing effective programs. Law Guru Institute represents the materialization of his vision of institutionalizing quality education and helping create skillful lawyers through it.

Jayant Bhatt

Mr. Bhatt is an advocate based in New Delhi, India. He holds dual Masters of Law (LL.M.)from New York University, USA and National University of Singapore. Mr Bhatt is a member of SCBA and Delhi High Court Bar Association. Mr Bhatt besides being a practicing Advocate is also a prolific speaker at various platforms and is an individual with firm belief in societal good.

D.V. Raghu Vamsy

Mr. Raghu Vamsy D V is a post-graduate specialized in International Commercial Law & Corporate and Securities Law. He has been practising as an advocate at SC of India and other High Courts & Tribunals for a decade. He has rich experience handling multiple facets of law. His cognitive attitude and dedication towards his work makes him to engrave his competence mark.


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