This internship was a rich learning experience for me. I researched in-depth about situations relevant in current times, and surely, this is going to help me in my future endeavours. We were given the liberty to choose our own topics, in this way we could write about what actually interested us, rather than writing upon some assigned topic. The time limit given for each assignment was commendable as it enabled thorough research on our part.
Drishti Israni

It was a great experience to work with lexspectre team. I am really grateful I got this opportunity to work with the team. It was a good 3 week experience we got new tasks every week which gave us a chance to brush our knowledge daily. Also case briefing was a new experience. I thank whole team for being so cooperative and supportive. And the cherry on the top was the live session which was also very helpful. Thank you so much Lexspectre. Had a great time working with you as an intern.
Sadiya Mulla

I would like to say a big thank you to the lex spectre team for an amazing experience to excel in my field of profession. It was a great gratification working with the team. The duration of the internship was of 3 weeks, each week we were assigned a task.
Aparta girdhar

It was a great experience for me. During my internship, I learned blog writing and case analysis. The most important thing is all the interns had to write an article of their choice and an ample amount of time was given. Our admin was very helpful throughout the internship. I had developed my research skills. Thank you so much for giving me this opportunity.
Jahnvi Rana

The internship experience with LexSpectre has been amazing. Throughout my internship journey, I improved my research and drafting skills which are a must for every budding lawyer, and through such research, many concepts of law and the provisions became vivid to me and I had a better understanding on those subject matters. Moreover, during the internship period, I inculcated time management capacity and multi-tasking. I shall always be grateful to the team for providing me with such an opportunity.
Simran Saha

The internship was very useful, this internship programme taught a lot of new skills like time management, research skill and how to understand the depth of the subject and gather the information. The team coordinator was very pleasant and supportive, helped us and cleared our doubt whenever required. Every week we learnt new things.

To talk about the internship, it was very well structured. The submission and internship guidelines provided in the very beginning of the internship, helped me a lot to have an overall view of what tasks the organization was expecting me to do in the next three weeks.
The assignments helped me develop my research skills and gain more knowledge/ expand my views on various legal topics. Also the time frame given for submission of each weekly assignment was more than sufficient.
Overall it was a good and knowledge enriching experience for me.
Lastly, I would like to say that, no words are enough to express my gratitude towards the organization for giving me this opportunity,and of course the knowledge which i have gained in this period of internship. It’s definitely going to be with me forever and help me in the long run.
sanika paithankar

It provides for an eclectic writing experience. Something that everyone needs in the field of law is clearly taken care of. The internship coordinator was very supportive. A more transparent and accessible editorial process is something I suggest. Overall, the experience at LexSpectre was a good one. Something I would cherish.
Chirayu Rushiya

I can say that the internship at Lex Spectre was an invaluable experience for me, and the knowledge and skills I gained during this period will certainly help me in the future. I am grateful for the wonderful and understanding team, thanks to the variety of tasks assigned to me, as well as the Lex Spectre team’s professionalism and willingness to help.
Rupesh Saraf

I as a student of law overwhelmed with working with such a great organisation which provides me a platform to express my thinking and definitely enhanced my skills. I would like to say that working with Lex Spectre is a different and very knowledgeable experience. During the duration of internship we have provided with different tasks like writing blogs, case commentaries, and articles. With regards to the work experience, the organisation give us a free hand to choose our topic and the time allotted for the completion of task is very suitable. The team and the whole unit of Lexspectre is very supportive and cooperative. They always stand by their for any queries and sort out the same very effectively. As a member of different organizations, I can say that Lexspectre is something different and a productive organisation which provides the student stage to express themselves with great support and guidance
Archana pandey

The best part is that we were given a proper explanation regarding how to go about a particular task and given sufficient time to complete the task. As a result, it was possible for us to research and gather relevant and important information on the topic. What’s more is that we were also furnished with the liberty to choose our own topics and learn more about them. Overall, I would say that it was a great experience altogether and I would like to conclude by sincerely thanking LexSpectre for providing me with this opportunity.
Hardi Satta

Working with LexSpectre was an amazing experience. We were given new tasks every week which included writing a legal article, a blog, case briefings, and weekly legal news. Moreover, we were given ample of time to complete our tasks and we had the liberty to choose the topics we wanted. This helped us and motivated us to research into depth our topics. All the mentors too were pretty patient and guided us well throughout. Overall, I would say that it was a great experience altogether and I would like to conclude by sincerely thanking LexSpectre for providing us this opportunity.
Yash Jain

I learned a lot of things while working here with regards to content writing. My researching skills have greatly improved. The team at LexSpectre is very helpful and always gives you suggestions on how you can improve.
I would definitely advice a lot of my friends to apply for an internship here as it is a great experience and teaches us a lot of things which adds colour to our CV. I would like to thank LexSpectre for giving me this opportunity and for giving me a kick start in this field of Law.

My internship experience at Lexspectre was quite enriching since I wrote on a variety of topics and researched on them which I wouldn’t have one otherwise. The article was read by multiple people since I got an overwhelming response for the same due to the far-reaching audience of lexspectre. The deadlines were very flexible as well and we were given the choice pertaining to the article and blog topics. Not only that, we were also given a brief review as to our strong points and where we could improve in terms of our writing. Overall, I’d recommend this internship to anyone looking for a platform to write or an incentive to learn. Thank You.
Isha Shah

This internship helped me a lot to enhance my research skills which I would not have been able to do under any other circumstances. Lastly the session by D.V. Raghu Vamsy (advocate, Supreme court) was really knowledgeable, interactive and inside -fill, which has helped me to clarify most of my queries on how I can prepare my life after law school. Thank you to the whole team for your kind support in my tenure of internship
Rupar banarjee

Internship at Lexspectre was the first internship as a content writer and this was a great experience. The flexible working hours along with very approachable admin balanced with professionalism has impressed me a lot. This internship has given me the opportunity to explore the legal research part and also helped me to develop my own interpretation and opinions about a particular topic. This internship gave me the confidence to express my view and I am very thankful to Lexspectre for this.
Shriya Waman

It was great to be with Lex Spectre as an intern. During the Internship I get chance to enhance my research skills. I experienced different things like blog writing and also Case Compilation. Our coordinators guided us very well. Sufficient time was given for the Task completions every time. So, I would like to thank whole team of Lex Spectre from the core of my heart for providing me this opportunity.
Manisha Singh

The time duration given for the completion of each task was really appreciable as we were able to refer to a lot of resources, gather and filter a lot of relevant information and able to beautifully draft our articles. The publishing of our articles on the LexSpectre platform is truly an honour and is sure to give us good, credible CV points to ramp up our resume.
Arya Nanal

It was a wonderful and quite new experience working for the LexSpectre. I am glad that I have applied for this internship as it not only have widened my thoughts but has also helped me to learn about my surroundings even more by just gathering nearby news. Overall the whole internship was intriguing.
Savit priya