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3-day Simulation Workshop on Arguing Effectively in Court as a Fresh Graduate

About Us
Towards Law Career is an online platform that aims to create a community of law professionals and students to cater to the most pressing dilemmas that law students face while making a law career decision.
About the Webinar
The workshop aims to give a practical experience to aspiring law students of how they can effectively argue their initial cases in a court of law without any error or fear. This workshop is designed to convert theory into practice by way of role-simulation activities so that students can experience their first case fictionally before going out into the real world.
Dates and Time
Day 1 (July 14, 5-6 PM)
Day 2 (July 15, 5-6 PM)
Day 3 (July 16, 506 PM)
Who is it for?
Anyone who wishes to pursue a career in law must attend this workshop.
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Registration Link
FREE of Cost.
Contact Info

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