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Most of what you learn in law school is redundant in the real world. We want to bridge the gap between academic knowledge and practical skills needed at law firms. Become Jobwise.


  • Day 1: Breaking down a problem

Working in a professional setting is unique. Why? Because the questions that you get asked will not have easy answers. After all, if the answers were simple, nobody would come to you in the first place. In this lesson, we will learn to deconstruct legal problems. How? By analysing the legal aspects of the business model of a popular Indian start-up.

  • Days 2-3: Drafting advice

Advising clients requires analysis, application of mind, and astute drafting. But, we don’t just want to teach you. Rather, you draft first. We’ll break down the positives and the negatives together.

  • Days 4-5: Crafting contracts

Despite doing two full-credit courses on the law of contracts, most law students can’t even draft a simple non-disclosure agreement. The first half of this module sees you draft a basic commercial contract. On day two, we break down what you did right and wrong, and how you can improve.

  • Days 6-10: Legal due diligence

Law firms thrive on legal due diligence. Every corporate lawyer has done a due diligence at some point of time. In this week, we do two things. The first half involves teaching you the basics of due diligence. In module two, you get to conduct due diligence on a real company, prepare an issues list, and learn to apply diligence skills in real life.

Each course component will require you to work on assignments and case studies. The focus is on doing, not just learning.

Last date to apply and Batch Duration– The first cohort will start on 9 November 2020. Each lesson will be held live for 50-60 minutes. Applications close on 31 October

To apply–

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[email protected]

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